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Located in the beautiful Grass Valley area, Happy Healthy Healing is a friendly clinic ready to help you on your healing journey! Jessica (owner) was formerly with, and  for 4 years, so you might get a familiar voice on the phone! We specialize in first-class wellness products to help you live your best life! If you are familiar with Quantum Nutrition Labs, this is your place to get specialized help on all of your product needs. There is always a QRA practitioner/herbalist on shift to help with your needs. We also carry one of a kind products hand made by local herbalists! Our aim is to help each of our clients with personalized customer service and speedy shipping. We create a safe place for healing to occur. The choice of how to move forward on your journey is a personal decision, honored without judgment. We would love to be a part of that!  Start your journey with us today.

Hours (PST)
Monday  10am - 3pm
Tuesday  9am - 4pm
Wednesday  9am - 4pm
Thursday  9am - 4pm
Friday  9am-4pm
Saturday CLOSED
Sunday  CLOSED

Our Offerings

Jessica Dingledine

I am a certified QRA practitioner continuing my journey in the healing field. I've worked with Radiant Light Nutrition and Quality Natural Health for the past 4 years and am now journeying out on my own. I am ever so grateful for the grace and opportunity that my former boss Irene has shown me. 

I have recently gotten certified as a community herbalist to further my knowledge of the plant power that this world has to offer. I plan to be adding more herbal products to this site very soon!

I am driven to give my clients wonderful, personal customer service. I cannot wait to meet you all! 

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