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A.I. Formula By Pure Encapsulations 


I recently brought this product onto our line because our Quantum Nutiriton Labs Bromelain Plus is no longer being made.

This product is very similar.

It helps your digestive system by giving you raw enzymes that help with breaking down protiens. Bromelain moderates the production of kinins and fibrin to support a healthy immune response.

You can take this with meals to help with digesting or take betwen meals to help with cleaning the body of excess protiens and fibrin hanging out throughout the body.



  • Supports healthy immune response at the cellular level‡
  • Promotes cytokine balance for musculoskeletal and G.I. comfort‡
  • Includes ginger, turmeric and other complementary ingredients
  • Made with high-quality vegetarian ingredients backed by verifiable science

A.I. Formula (similar to Bromelain Plus) Enzymes, Pure Encapsulations

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