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"Miracle Oil"

Benefits of magnesium oil/salts-

Often revered as the "Beautiful Mineral" in Chinese Medicine, magnesium oil is as essential to the body as water and air. The main benefits of Magnesium oil are undoubtedly being its absolute and undeniable healing powers.

Although there are only a few ounces of magnesium oil in your body, it is used in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. It contributes to manufacturing energy and cardiovascular health. Strong bones, teeth, radiant skin, balanced hormones, a healthy nervous system, and much more - all are made possible by magnesium sufficient cells.

Magnesium is a great way to keep your cells, skin, muscles, and entire body ready for whatever the world has to throw at it.

It not only helps with relaxation and contraction of muscles, it helps on a cellular level of giving the cells what they need to complete their tasks.

You can spray it on your stomach to aid in digestion and help your stomach relax while it does its job. It is even beneficial to spray over your heart for heart palpitations, anxiety, or high BP.

It is wonderful for menopause as it helps with naturally balancing the hormones when used regularly.

The list goes on and on...

  • Restores cellular mineral level

  • Natural cellular protectant

  • Facilitates safe and effective detoxification

  • Relief of aches, pains, spasms

  • Elevates mood and relieves stress

  • Encourages healthy skin tissue

  • Helps maintain proper muscle function

  • Boosts energy levels

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Balances the hormonal system

  • Calms overactive nerves

  • Improves quality of sleep

Benefits of Magnesium oil lie in its structural integrity. Approximately 50% of total body magnesium oil is found in the bones. Also, this is required for your body to properly absorb calcium, and thus maintain strong bones & ligaments.

This is one to keep stocked in the medicine cabinet and use on the daily!

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