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Boosting Immune Response

We are falling fast into the cold and flu season this year and it seems to be a bit scarier than the previous years, for good reason at that. We continue to look for the best supplements to boost our immune system. We want to keep our families (and ourselves) as healthy as can be. That, especially now, is proving to be more and more important. The immune system can be haltered by numerous stressors in our everyday lives. Being overworked, stressed, and not having a good diet are just a few of the things that inhibit your immune response to work at its all time high. Using the right supplements can help your body fight off unwanted invaders of all types.

What simple lifestyle changes can we make to help our defense system play up to par through these cold daunting winter months? We carry supplements that will help your immune system fight back with all its got! Learn about this and some of the best foods to eat during this season to help your body keep in tip top working condition.

When you think of lifestyle changes, what comes to mind? Eating a strict diet? Running everyday? Going to the gym 5x a week? The lifestyle changes that I like to take on and suggest are the ones that seem a bit more doable for the everyday person (me).

One of the easiest and most important (in my opinion) is to think about your breath. This is something that you can do anywhere, anytime and anyplace. This is something alone that can change your life. And, it's FREE! The other thing is an easy relaxing stretch. This takes just 10-20 minutes of your time AND you can do this while you are working on your breath. That means you can get both of these completed in just 10-20 minutes a day!

At least once a day(the more you do the more it will benefit you), pay close attention to your breath. Take a moment to yourself and count your breath. Inhale through your nose for a count of 4, exhale through your mouth for a count of 4. Focus on filling your chest all the way into your belly with air. Try to do this 10 times. At the end of round one (one inhale& one exhale) count 1. Then one more round, that is count two. Do this on repeat until you reach your 10th round. If you lose track of your round you are on, start over.

This exercise helps with your breath as well as mindfulness. Doing this on a daily basis can help with numerous things throughout your body. Breathing exercises have been proven to help lower blood pressure. It, also helps with relieving anxiety and stress. These are all "stressors" on the immune system. Therefore just doing a breathing exercise can ultimately help with boosting your immune system. This exercise also helps to clear your mind of racing thoughts. In this day and age, I feel, everyone could use a freedom from that! This is a great addition to your daily routine especially if you have anxiety, racing thoughts, high blood pressure, or just want a moment of peace and relaxation through your day.

Another simple exercise that you can add into your routine (with ease) is wall leg ups. This is where you lie on your back with your legs at a right angle going up the wall. Start by laying on your side and scoot your booty as close as you can to the wall. Then, you just lift your legs up, so your body is at a right angle like the wall is to the floor. Sit like this for 5-15 minutes a day. This is a simple routine that can help with your digestion, help with relieving headaches, eases stress, lightens varicose veins, and helps with blood flow. So simple, anyone can do it! If you are not able to make a right angle with your body comfortably, just start farther from the wall and work your way to getting your tush closer and closer each time.

Some of the best supplements to take during the cold and flu season are Nucleotides, Colostrum, and Immune support. These are great additions to your daily supplemental routine for the winter months when your immune system is having to work overtime. We also have an immune supporting kit. This is made up of Vitamin C, D3, and Zinc. These 3 together are said to be some of the most important nutrients to help fight cold and flu viruses. It is always good to nourish the body. These will help to do just that!

Nucleotides help with RNA and DNA repair. By taking these, you can speed your recovery time up. These help when you have a cold, a broken bone, or even healing after surgery. If you come down with something these are great to have on hand to give your immune system the speediest of responses!

Colostrum is a wonderful product that helps with boosting your immune system and does a great deal throughout the gut. Colostrum is what a mama cow makes when she first gives birth. This is the first thing that the baby will drink from its mother. Filled with a power pack of immune boosting nutrient to get the baby through its first steps of life. Take this and make your immune system strong like a bull!

Our Immune Support is a great all around immune boosting supplement. With herbs like olive leaf (a fantastic antiviral), reishi, and turkey tails, you know it will do work with your immune system! This is a great product to take daily to help with boosting your immune response throughout the cold and flu season. It is really wonderful for anyone that is working face to face with people on a daily basis.

Vitamin C is a heavy antioxidant that will fight free radical damage throughout your body. This helps to keep the good cells healthy and improve on their life span. D3 is beneficial to your immune system and your mental health. Almost every American needs supplemental vitamin d. Generally no one gets enough of this through their lifestyle and diet habits.

Zinc is an important player to help with sense of taste and smell. Zinc is something that you can get enough of in your diet. Our Zinc is the best to keep on hand because you can do a taste test to make sure that your body needs it. If it tastes like water, you should be taking a daily dose. If it is bitter and tasting bad, you have enough zinc in your system.

Food and diet can change your life. For better or worse, its YOUR choice!

There are certain foods that really help to keep you grounded and boost your immune system during these cold winter months. Squash and sweet potatoes are 2 of my favorite go-to foods during this time. They help give you a grounded feeling and are wonderful for your body, especially during the cold season. They give you many of the vitamins and nutrients needed (via food) to help boost your immune system

Sweet potatoes are a lovely source of fiber and antioxidants among other great nutrients for your body and mind. You can bring these into your diet in so many ways. I like to bake a sweet potato and cut it open, throw some cinnamon, ghee, and drizzle in honey. You can also put these in soups, steam them, mash them, or roast them. These are just some of my favorite ways to make sweet potatoes.

Another of my seasonal favorite foods is squash! If you have never had Kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin), do yourself a favor and pick one up the next time you are out! This rich tasting squash makes you feel great and benefits your body in keeping you grounded and full of nutrients. This squash has nutrients in it that work to prevent diabetes. It also helps with inflammation, cancer prevention, and helping with heart health. You can cut this in half (deseed), throw it in the oven until tender and eat with minimal seasoning. If you like it a bit more spiced up- Making a good curry with these is wonderful. The rich flavor really stands out with all of the spices that go into making a curry.

Doing these simple things can really make a difference in your body and mind during these winter months. I challenge you to pick just ONE of these changes to make in your routine (if they are not all already on your good habits list). Try to eat at least 1 sweet potato a week or 1 squash a week. Get yourself to pause and work on your breath at least 2 times a week and work your way up to making it a daily routine. If you are at home relaxing, relax with your feet put up on the wall. The more that you use these simple steps and foods the more of a difference it will make in your life.

Happy Healthy Healing to you and yours and thank you for reading <3

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