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Dietary Supplement

180 Plant-Source Capsules

Promotes Bowel Regularity*

  • Welcome to our premium, organic whole husk psyllium with both natural soluble and insoluble fiber to meet your daily fiber needs 
  • It’s coupled with Botanica Cleanse, a full spectrum of supportive herbal ingredients, for best nutritional effect. 
  • Supports healthy bowel movements and sparks “intelligent” intestinal health* 
  • Following QNL’s dedication in supplying “quantum state” quality products, all ingredients are organic, GMO free, potency verified, heavy metal tested and kosher 
  • Our organic psyllium fiber acts as a prebiotic that promotes the growth of healthy “good” bacteria in your intestines, especially the well known Bifidobacteria strain* 

Psyllium Fiber, Quantum Nutrition Labs

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