Quantum Nutritional Flakes are a bestseller because of its delicious, nutty flavor, and its super daily nutrition. It is rich in natural B complex vitamins, glutathione, beta 1-3 glucans, and good quality, bioavailable protein (63% protein by weight).

Nutrition Flakes, Quantum Nutrition Labs (8oz)

    • Not contaminated or accidental wild strains
    • Guaranteed Candida albicans negative
    • Gluten-free
    • Grown on Molasses
    • Not grown on industrial sludge or refined sugar (a common practice)
    • Contains no sugar, artificial colors or flavors
    • Carefully Dried on Roller Drums
    • Not highly heated
    • Good Tasting

    Simply mix 1 or 2 tsp. with any food, especially grains and vegetables


    Imparts a rich, hearty, nutty-like flavor


     Naturally low in fat and sodium


    Super Nutrients In Quantum Nutritional Flakes

    Rich in Protein (Up to 55% high quality protein)<