Green Tea-PG is a probiotic-generated formula promoting anti-aging, digestive, immune, and rejuvenation support, as well as superior anti-irradiation support. The nanization process eliminates the caffeine and the florine, leaving you with all the readily available and absorbable benefits of green tea.

Green Tea-PG, Quantum Nutrition Labs (2oz)

  • Highly Bioavailable Immune and Anti-Aging Support*

    • “Nanized” Green Tea: a revolutionary, highly absorbable concentrate so you can receive all of green tea’s amazing benefits
    • Promotes healthy immune system function*
    • Supports healthy pancreas function, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol already within the normal range and fat levels*
    • Proven antioxidant activity; helps prevent AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products)
    • Remarkable support for healthy connective tissue and joint flexibility*
    • Delivers a whopping 103 mg of polyphenols per serving (Other green teas may have less than 10 mg per serving or none)

    Centuries of Use
    Green tea has graduated from the teapot to the medicine chest as science has shown its wide-reaching effectiveness in addressing many concerns. Research conducted in the last 20 years has confirmed that green tea, known primarily as a pleasant beverage around the world, contains a long list of very impressive phytonutrients that traditional healers have been tapping into for centuries.
    Nano-Green Tea is the natural choice, unleashing all of green tea’s proven benefits not just for those with good digestion and absorption, but for literally everyone. It is the first nutraceutical preparation designed to assure absorption of the full spectrum of green tea’s awesome polyphenols. Using only quantum-state quality, organic green tea that has been “nanized” (i.e., pre-digested into extremely small particles), Nano-Green Tea is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream where it immediately goes to work. Even those with poor digestion can enjoy the full benefits of Nano-Green Tea’s highly bio-available nutrients. No other form of green tea can offer such a quantum boost in phytonutrient bioavailability and quality.

    What is “nanized” green tea?
    The word “nano” means very, very small. A “nanized” concentrate of green tea contains grade 10 green tea that has been “nanized” or pre-digested into very, very small particles which makes them extremely bio-available. Even those with poor digestion can rapidly absorb the “nanized” green tea. Nano-Green Tea really demonstrates the power of the old saying, it’s not what you take, but what you absorb that makes the difference.

    Green Tea vs. Black Tea
    Green tea has become famous for its spectacular benefits in comparison with black tea. What’s the difference between green tea and black tea? Although both teas come from the same plant (Camellia sinensis), it is the processing that makes the key difference. Green tea leaves (harvested as young, healthy, dark green leaves) are steamed gently, keeping their green color and effective phytochemicals fully intact. In contrast, black tea is really green tea that has been over-fermented, thus changing the color from green to black but also destroying many of the healing phytochemicals.

    Green Tea’s Secret
    The key phytochemicals in green tea, called polyphenols, have captured the attention of many scientific studies. They give Nano-Green Tea its special effectiveness. Dr. Yukihiko Hara, noted researcher and a world authority on green tea, has found that its polyphenols help promote healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids and fat levels*.
    Polyphenols have also been shown to protect DNA from damage inflicted from harmful chemicals and even radiation. Green tea’s polyphenols are also extremely effective as antioxidant activities capable of promoting a healthy immune system as well as providing extraordinary protection for the heart, kidneys and the skin*.

    Why use organic alcohol?
    Top grade, organic alcohol is nature’s perfect preservative. Its indigenous normal vasodilative properties function as a perfect transporter of our super-nanized phytonutrients into the blood to deliver almost immediate uptake, unparalleled by ordinary supplements.
    For centuries, Oriental Medicine has known that nutrients preserved in alcohol directly target the liver, getting a faster, deeper response than when no alcohol is used. Herbal concentrates preserved with alcohol have been used effectively for centuries. In contrast, herbal concentrates made with a glycerine base cannot deliver the same effect as tinctures with an alcohol media. In addition, over time, nutrients degrade in the glycerine, slowly lo