Contains glutathione GSH, the highly bio-available form that delivers effective antioxidant support and broad spectrum, free radical quenching. It also supports the detoxification process and promotes liver and immune system health.

Glutathione, Quantum Nutrition Labs (60Vcaps)

    • Master antioxidant; quenches free radicals
    • Primary nutrient for detoxification of the liver
    • Assists transport of amino acids across cell membranes
    • Antioxidant support for eye health
    • Supports immune health
    • Restores oxidized vitamin C to its full antioxidant potential

    Although many factors can play a direct role in health con­cerns, mitochondrial stress and its revival is critical to the prop­er detoxification and health of the cell. The extreme vulnera­bility of the mitochondria can be seen during oxidative stress. The cell’s mitochondria can be elegantly supported by tar­geted nutraceutical agents such as Quantum Glutathione Complex. 

    Quantum Glutathione Complex Contains glutathi­one GSH (the preferred reduced form) that delivers effective antioxidant support and broad spec­trum free radical quenching. It also supports the detoxification process and promotes liver and immune system health

    What is Glutathione? Glutathione (in its reduced form) is a naturally produced, internal antioxidant that plays a key role in liver function and cellular health.  Glutathione is produced in the cells from the amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine. To highlight its importance, healthy cells contain several million times more glutathione molecules as compared to vitamin E.

    Supports Immune function Adequate glutathione levels help support immune function, which is especially important for older people.  Maintaining a proper cellular pH environment is also critical to adequate enzyme production that is responsible for the output of glutathione.  Sufficient amounts of glutathione help production of T-cells and their function.

    Antioxidant Support Sufficient glutathione is especially important when the body is under oxidative stress.  The body immediately responds to free radical stress by producing a series of enzymes that are essential for glutathione production. Glutathione helps support healthy cell function and directly quenches several free radical species.  Glutathione also helps the body eliminate hydrogen peroxide that accumulates when fats and proteins become oxidized.  

    Primary nutrient for detoxification Adequate production of glutathione is an essential part of the body’s detoxification process.  It plays a key role in supporting healthyliver function.  Higher concentrations of glutathione are found in the liver which support the detoxification of foreign substances.  By attaching to toxins, it makes them more water soluble for excretion by the kidneys.

    Key factors that may affect cell health:

    • A diet high in animal protein

    • An acid urine pH